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Hi, I'm Phyllis. I'm an artist who loves creating original works using acrylic paints, watercolors and colored pencils.

I'm also a working
graphic designer, a Mom of two, a Grammy who enjoys visiting her two delightful grandsons and an adopted Grammy who also enjoys visiting her two wonderful granddaughters.

I believe that each person who shows love and kindness to others should be treated in turn with respect and compassion.

Because I love what I do, I hope you will experience the joy I felt in creating these works for you to enjoy. 

Poet Sara Teasdale begins her 1917 poem “Barter” with these lines:

"Life has loveliness to sell, 

All beautiful and splendid things,

Blue waves whitened on a cliff,

Soaring fire that sways and sings,

And children’s faces looking up,

Holding wonder like a cup.”

Like Sara Teasdale, I believe in holding wonder just like a cup. My cup overflows with the joy I feel in capturing the beauty I see all around me. Living in a small town on Long Island Sound affords me that luxury every day.  

I'm inspired by many scenes from my life here in New England, from the crashing waves on the rocky beaches to the squawking seabirds taking flight to my serene backyard, full of nurturing crab apple trees and colorful flower gardens.

During the 1960's and 70's, my journey into art began. I don’t remember exactly when I first starting drawing and painting, but it was an activity I always enjoyed. Creating drawings and art here has come as naturally as running barefoot in the back yard.  

Today my journey is far from over. It is always growing, evolving and changing. Just like me.  

One of my recent endeavors is creating this website. Here you will find many of my latest original paintings and fine art prints for sale.

lf you are so inclined, you can also buy products featuring my original art and designs imprinted on home decor, accessories, apparel and more at


It's my fervent hope that you will find something on this website you may wish to buy and cherish. 

Artist, Phyllis Carlisle, viewing scenic Connecticut shoreline
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