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I enjoy creating paintings and drawings using various media, including watercolor, acrylic, gouache, marker, cut paper, charcoal pencil, oils, pen & ink and color pencil.  As a commissioned artist,  I find it's important to have a wide range of skills and styles to suit the client's requests.  


On occasion, I also enjoy creating three-dimensional work using paper mache, wood and found objects.


Recently, I have begun displaying my work again, and have had art shows in Connecticut and Maine. My work has been purchased by private collectors and gallery owners. 

I am also a freelance graphic designer, web designer and illustrator. Often, I work along side my significant "other", Dave as the Art Director for our marketing and media company.  As an illustrator,  I have produced  work for various magazines and books.


A graduate from the American Intercontinental University, I earned a BFA in Commercial Art in 1995.  During my college years, the  college selected several of my works for display in its permanent student collection. 


Based on that recognition, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games selected one of my works for display in Centennial Olympic Stadium.  Four other works also went on display in galleries in Atlanta, Los Angeles, London and Dubai.


I am a native of Madison, CT,  and I am incredibly  inspired by the people and images I encounter living on the shoreline of Long Island Sound.

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